Welcome on my website. Below you will find some of my projects that I worked on while taking a course at CodersLab and after finishing it.

Before you start

Server of those projects is a rather old and slow laptop, so glitches and slow response are to be expected. Sometimes you'll need a bit of patience and refreshing the page a couple of times may be necessary.

If the server doesn't respond at all - internet connection may be down (unfortunately my provider isn't very reliable). It should be up within the next couple of hours.

Recipe book

This project was written as a part of the course on the Udemy platform, the aim of which was to become familiar with the Angular framework.

User can freely add own recipes and also ingredients to the shopping list (directly on the list or from the recipe detail page). Upon registering/signing in it's also possible to upload or fetch recipes to/from online database.

Project takes Redux approach (NgRx) to manage its state. It also uses Google's Firebase and is hosted in AWS cloud.

Example user account: login: test@test.com password: test@test.com

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Car rental

This is a project of a simple rental site. After creating an account user can choose a car class, required extras (navigation etc.) and make a reservation. He/she can later edit it and change time of pickup/return, extras and other aspects of this order, if possible (for example order cannot be placed if the date is wrong). Administrator can freely browse users and orders placed by them and edit / delete them both, as well as create / delete / disable available extras.

Some of the technologies used: Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Lombok.

Example user account: login: ala@ala.pl password: ala

Administrator account: login: admin@admin.pl password: admin

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Project of a service similar to Twitter in functionality. User that is not logged can freely read tweets and their comments, and after registration - write them on his/her own. Tweet and comment length is limited to, respectively, 280 and 60 characters. Tweets and comments can be altered/deleted by user, but only up to 2 hours after creation. Registered users can upload graphic files (size limit: 1MB) that will be used as avatars next to their messages. They can also send private messages to one another (user cannot write a message to himself/herself). Administrator can freely edit or delete every user and tweet or comment. Pagination is implemented, number of tweets per page can be also set.

Some of the technologies used: Spring Data, Hibernate, MySQL, JavaScript.

Example user account: login: Basia password: Basia (logins/passwords to other accounts are created in similar fashion)

Administrator account: login: admin password: admin

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Warsztat 4

The point of this workshop is to write a fully functional frontend application for indexing books using REST method. Project consists of two parts: previously prepared REST server that implements Book class that has an id, isbn, title, author, publisher and genre fields, and a client serivce, written in HTML and JavaScript, that connects to out server using AJAX and, upon moving a mouse over a book element, displays its data below.

Some of the technologies used: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, REST.

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Warsztat 5

Object of this workshop was to write a backend functionality for a frontend user service written in previous workshop. To make this API I used Spring MVC, Jackson library and some additional annotations. Frontend part of this workshop, written in HTML and JavaSript, connects via AJAX with REST server that I wrote and, after moving a mouse over a book element, downloads element's data in JSON format and displays this data below. Data is being kept in a volatile memory (server's RAM).

Using Hibernate and Spring Data, I expanded server's capabilities: it's now possible to save data to non-volatile memory (server's database), so now this data isn't lost after server shutdown/restart. User can freely switch between volatile memory and database.

Some of the technologies used: JavaScript, AJAX, REST, Spring MVC.

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Warsztat 3

The aim of this workshop was to write an object-oriented, database layer of an application for a programming school and a web layer that allows accessing it. By default we are working as an administrator that can freely read/edit/delete/add exercises, user groups, users accounts and solutions created by users.

Some of the technologies used: JDBC, servlety, JSP, MySQL.

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